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When I'm not hosting, I am riding horses or a board, I also like lazing on my terrace overlooking my tropical garden & swimming in my ecological pool. 

I love receiving guests, cooking & creating new, nice experiences.

In 2015, I created a new sexy wetsuit brand for surfing girls - Bodee Kite - because they need it! And I have a lot of other projects for the next years.


Be welcome!

Your Host, Delphine


I'm Delphine. I love living in Brasil so I built a dream: an ecolodge in a sport & wellness atmosphere on one of the best kite spots of Brazil.
I love my life!

Castelo Vendom owner Delphine interview with

Delphine, why did you choose Parajuru for your guest house?

I went to many places in the world before to come to Brazil. And Parajuru was the first place where i found peace and wellbeing. It is a little paradise in a little village of fishermen with a wild beach and a hot lagoon.
For holidays and kiting that is wonderful. I really like that peace. When you feel like at home the first day, that is magical!
Here I found sunshine all year round, beach, fresh fruits and a lot of smiles.


Why Parajuru is ranked 4th and 5th best spot in the world?

In Ceara, there are many good places to kite with waves or lagoons. The most known is Jericoacoara 3 hours from Fortaleza. But Parajuru is a great spot because the lagoon is very large, not too deep, it has hot water and you can find the waves a little bit away. It is windy of course. So all the best conditions to learn and for fun. But if it is one of the best, it is because not a lot of kite surfers know about it. And the acommodation offering is limited. So there is not a lot of people in the water. You can enjoy this place without being disturbed by too many others kiteboarding.
You can also find a good international kite surf school where they speak English, German and Portuguese and I can find French instructors if necessary.



Where do you come from, Delphine?

I come from Paris in France. So I speak French, Portuguese and a basic English.

In my guest house, Castelo Vendôm, I offer French Mediterranean menus with a touch of Brazilian cuisine. I cook my own bread, I offer French butter and a selection of good wines from many countries. I like French decoration and art, so you could find many old and modern French pieces of furniture and art in the Castelo.


Why a guest house?


I love to receive people and organise events. In France I was an international art curator.
I love to cook too. I wanted peace and « love »  so, a guest house was the best way. A hotel is too strict! I prefer to receive my customers like my friends. I like to help too, so I do my best to organise the best holidays for my guests. A place with a good kitesurf spot was the condition because I like the kitesurf spirit. Kitesurfers are amazing!



What do you suggest?


A nice house of course! With ecological design. My concern is to not disturb nature. I try the best I can, while still providing comfortable accommodation. So, in Castelo Vendôm, you can find an ecological swimming pool without chlorine but with a cascade and bubbles. You can use bicycles, you can eat fresh products, you can ride horses, have really good massages, kitesurf of course and find peace.
I can organise special days with horses on the beaches and the countryside. I can organise buggy trips on the dunes and beaches. I can organise meditation or yoga sessions too if you ask.
And of course your kitesurf holidays with courses, location, storage, downwinds…



Do you organise special events for kite-surfers ?

Yes, I organise vacations only for girls for example! I know that traveling alone can be challenging sometimes, especially for women. So I‘ve decided to help them.
In November for example, I organise 3 weeks especially for kitesurfer girls. There will definitely be
many laughs and good times for us girls!


©, parajuru, Kite-surfing, horse-riding, massage, shiatsu, capoiera, tai chi, buggy trip on the beaches, jangada boat and yacht, cities discovering…   Or just relaxing, tanning and swimming in the Castelo Vendôm ecologic pool or in the Parajuru lagoon...  All you need, can be reserved for you !
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