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Brazil is full of creativity and great artists, and we can show you some of the best local talent.
Marujo has many talents.
He is the capoiera teacher of Parajuru but also a great artist and the maker of local artisan goods. 
We love his wood paintings - Fine, delicate and sensitive paintings of beaches and kite surfing scenery.


Miguel Urion is a genius artist.

His paintings are full of details and lif. You can find many colors and stories in each piece of art.
Every day is a new discovery.

Neil Peercen is a metal sculptor.
Beautiful metal sculptures shown in an incredible galery around 7 km from Parajuru.
His works exhibit a lot of finesse and sensitivity. 


Projeto Textil
This atelier has been created by Austrian women to help local women in Parajuru find a job. They have created a school and an atelier where you can find bags, shorts and accessories made from kites. A good style for a good cause. 


Delphine: ®Bodee Designer
Because we are girls, we love to kite with alot of energy and athleticism, but also want to stay sexy and comfortable. We wanted a apparel that would maintain our femininity in an extreme sport.
Within this context was born ®Bodee; feminine, stylish, colorful, comfortable, custom-produced kite-wear available in very limited editions or unique pieces.
Made from special materials for bikini, ®BodeeKite meets the requirements of the water, it protects from the sun and does not ride in the buttocks at the slightest movement. In short, you forget it is there very quickly! 



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