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castelo vendom carpaccio cru
Castelo Vendom - tapioca de mange
Castelo Vendom tartarte de poisson
Castelo Vendom mousse de goyave
risotto champignons Castelo Vendom
Castelo Vendom sorbet de pastèque
Castelo Vendom Breakfast
Castelo Vendom cake aux pruneaux
Castelo Vendom Pot au feu
Castelo Vendom Crème à la mangue
Castelo Vendom Poisson au four
Castelo Vendom aubergines gratinées
©Castelo Vendom confitures
Castelo Vendom salade composée
Castelo Vendom Salades composées
Castelo Vendom poisson sauce passion
Castelo Vendom dessert vegan
vegan castelo vendom
Castelo Vendom glace cannelle cacao
Castelo Vendom petit déjeuner
petits poissons Castelo Vendom
Castelo Vendom petits déjeuners
tout choco Castelo Vendom
langouste grillée Castelo Vendom
fruit breakfast castelovendom-2016-1
Castelo Vendom acerola jam
acai fruits Castelo Vendom
Castelo Vendôm chocolat cake
castelo vendom pureepotimarronlardon
home made bread Castelo Vendom
mille feuille légumes Castelo Vendom
Castelo Vendom sardines confites
Castelo Vendom vegan dishe
Castelo Vendom poisson papillote
Castelo Vendom poisson au four
Castelo Vendom pizza maison
Castelo Vendom boeuf purée
Castelo Vendom crèpes brésiliennes
Castelo Vendom millefeuilles thon

Fresh home-cooked French cuisine

We love organic, vegetarian, vegan and slow food!

From Monday to Thursday, enjoy our dinners!

Enjoy a new menu with fresh products and our latest inspiration!

For each meal we offer 3 courses, consisting of appetizer,  a main dish (fish, chicken, meat or vegetarian), dessert and still water during your meal. Wine of the week and other alcohol also available.

NOTE: Meals require one day advance notice for preparation as everything is cooked fresh and from scratch. We welcome outside customers for meals as well, but advance notice is still required.
Meals will be serve only during week from Sunday to Thursday.

Healthy Breakfast

Franco-Brazilian breakfasts included in room price:


  • Fresh homemade bread with French butter

  • House jams made with garden fruits and brown sugar

  • Local tropical fruits

  • Brazilian coffee, English tea or hot chocolate

  • French toast and pancakes on occasion


German or English breakfast is available to order at an additional cost.


Diners are available with half board

  • Apetizers with a Caipirinha

  • A main meal

  • A dessert

  • Still water with meal


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©, parajuru, Kite-surfing, horse-riding, massage, shiatsu, capoiera, tai chi, buggy trip on the beaches, jangada boat and yacht, cities discovering…   Or just relaxing, tanning and swimming in the Castelo Vendôm ecologic pool or in the Parajuru lagoon...  All you need, can be reserved for you !
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