Castelo Vendom Brésil équitation
Castelo Vendom Brésil équitation
Castelo Vendom Brésil équitation
Castelo Vendom Brésil équitation



How do I get to Parajuru?
You can get to Parajuru from Fortaleza, where the nearest airport is located. From Fortaleza you can take a bus with a company called Sao Benedito, rent a car, or we can organise private transfer with a private driver for you. Find out more about getting to Parajuru here.
How far is the ecolodge from the kitesurfing spot?
The kitesurfing spot is about 3 minutes buggy ride or 10 minutes walk from the ecolodge. We can organise transfers by buggy for 10 Brazilian Reals per person.
What amenities are available nearby?
There is a small general store 50m away where you can buy food and general supplies. The centre of town has some small local restaurants and bars. The nearest bank is about 10km away, where you can only withdraw a maximum of 1300 Brazilian Reals per day - we recommend you withdraw in Fortaleza before arrival.
What is there to eat in Parajuru?
We serve French-Brazilian cuisine at Castelo Vendom, with breakfast included in your room rate, and half-board and full-board options available for lunch and dinner. The kitesurfing club nearby has a restaurant which serves European food for lunch.
Is Parajuru suitable for kitesurfing beginners?
Yes, the lagoon is calm, shallow and safe, with flat water suitable for beginners. There are also beach boys on hand to help launch and land your kite. We can organise lessons and coaching, or you can book lessons through the kitesurfing club nearby.
What are the kitesurfing conditions like?
From July to January, the wind blows almost every day ranging from around 15 to 25 knots. It is rare for the wind to exceed 30 knots, and then only for a few hours. There is flat water at low and high tide and also after the sand bank, and medium waves at high tide. Find out more about kitesurfing in Parajuru here.
Can I rent equipment there?
We have a limited amount of equipment available for rental (please contact us in advance to enquire) or the kitesurf club has plenty of equipment for rental.
I want to bring my own kite. What size should I bring?
Kites with 11m² (80 kg rider) will fly the most, 14m² less frequently and 8m² or 9m² on selected days. For girls, 8m² and 10m² are perfect.
Is there kite storage available?
We offer storage at the ecolodge and transfers to the spot for 10 Brazilian reals per person (around €3 per person), or the kitesurf club nearby offers storage for around €10 per day, per person.
What other activities are available?
Parajuru is great for horse riding, and we offer yoga, massage and beauty treatment at the ecolodge. We can also organise Capoeira classes in Parajuru, as well as day-trips to surrounding areas or visiting local artisans.
Is WIFI available at the ecolodge?
Yes, we have free WIFI available.
I have a car, can I park at the ecolodge?
Yes we have plenty of parking available on site.
Is the tap water drinkable?
We have drinkable water available at the ecolodge for free. The normal tap water is not potable.
Do you accept credit card? How can I pay?
Unfortunately we do not accept credit card, but you can pay via PayPal, Transferwise, or cash on arrival.

Horse Riding

If you dream of riding in the Wild West, you're in luck because this is the Brazilian Wild West! Nearby there is a typical and authentic Brazilian fazenda around 15 minutes from the ecolodge by buggy. They have horses alongside donkeys, turkeys, ducks, geese, chickens, cats and other farmyard animals.
The riding here requires a bit of re-learning: the horses are different, as well as the equipment and riding style. We start with cuddling and petting the horses to put them at ease, and only then you will be shown how the equipment works and how to ride. You will need to forget some old habits to connect differently with your horse. No need for dressage and forcing them, they respond to lower impulses and the voice. We will take them galloping on endless beaches and across the Brazilian scrubland, all at your own pace.
But a few caveats are in order. The practice of riding is not trivial especially in Latin America where there are fewer rules. Before booking, please read our recommendations and warnings.



It is compulsory for you to have riding accident insurance, RC, emergency hospitalisation and repatriation cover. Ask your insurance provider to ensure recreational riding is covered in your policy, you will need to show us proof of your policy prior to arrival for horse riding. Also ask them which hospitals in Fortalewa they have support agreements with. We have not had any accidents to this date, but it is always better to be careful and prepared.




You may be used to a stud or a riding center in Europe, but here in Brazil riding is more like the early twentieth century in the United States. Here it is the vaqueros (Brazilian cowboys) who ensure the safety of rides and not instructors. Coaching is required before mounting the saddle, Delphine will coach you and follow your rides.

The horses are out, prepared and washed before each ride. In case of last minute cancellation by a rider, no refund will be possible.





There's no equipment provided: bombs, boots and protective gear are at your discretion. You can perfectly do without if you want. We recommend wearing a brimmed hat, sunglasses, heavy canvas pants, ankle boots and exercise shirt to protect you from the sun and straps. A slight gourd that can attach to the saddle of the horse will be welcome. Australian-style stool with a handle at the front or English-style for the more experienced. Hackamores or mores following horses hooves or without shackles.





Quarter Mile race (Quarto Milha, in Portuguese) were the first horses to be introduced in North America in 1600, brought from Arabia and Turkey by Spanish explorers and traders. The selected stallions were then bred with English mares in 1611. The mixture produces compact horses with strong and functional muscles for short distances, faster than any other race. Back then, the horses were specialised in working with livestock. On weekends, the settlers had fun racing in the streets near the plantations, a distance of a quarter mile (402 meters), which gave the name of the horse. In 1955, Swift-King Ranch (SKR) imported six horses in the United States in Brazil, from its US parent, the famous King Ranch in Texas, the largest US farm. Like many Brazilian farmers, bankers and businessmen had the opportunity to know the Quarto Mile. The Quarter Horse then spread to Brazil in particular as a sport horse for racing and vaquejades.

It is a robust horse chestnut generally dress, bay or gray, to wither height from 1.70 to 1.75 meters, performance for jumping, dressage and eventing. Quiet and attentive to his rider, he is not deceitful and easily directed.





The rides are from 2 hours to 3 hours depending on your endurance level. They are punctuated by a refreshment break, swim or lunch following the organization of each ride.

Several possible routes between bush, beaches, marshes, dunes are available, depending on the season and your abilities. Groups are organised with different levels so that beginners are safe. That said, we prefer groups with the same level so that the walks are of regular rhythm.




  • Beginners accepted if they have already had first contact with horses and do not have crippling fear.

      Coaching at the Fazenda.


  • Intermediate 1, with little apprehension:

      3 gaits: walk, trot, gallop, European quiet type rides.

     Coaching mandatory for a gallop on the beaches.


  • Intermediate 2 without apprehension:

      3 gaits: walk, trot, gallop, European quiet type rides.

     Coaching mandatory for a gallop on the beaches.


  • Confirmed:

      All speeds which gallops trip and coasting.

Transport to the Fazenda are performed by buggy mainly by sand tracks, the duration is about 15 minutes.


Castelo Vendom disclaims any liability in case of horse riding accident and cancellation that are not made by us.

Please print the below document, to date, sign, including your full name and provide it to us before arrival.

Buggy Rental

We offer the buggy rental at Castelo Vendom, so you can enjoy your freedom. However, a few caveats are in order.
Before renting, please read our recommendations and warnings:



All repairs due to malfunction of the buggy are at the owner's expense with on-site assistance. All accidents and violations caused by buggy tenants are the responsibility of the tenant.




The tenant will remain in the 15 km of Parajuru to benefit from on-site assistance in the event of malfunction of the buggy.


It is not advisable for to venture further. The owner declines any responsibility. If you really want to get out of the perimeter, there are Military Police checkpoints. These buggies are not able to be controlled by police without incidents and you would risk being arrested. You would then need to return by foot and then go collect the buggy in Fortaleza.




We advise that a buggy is not made for long distances and is subject to frequent breakdowns. In addition, it is quickly breaking if manhandled.


We ask that you take care of your buggy, gently driving and sitting properly in the back on the road, no rally, jump, zigzag on the sand or elsewhere. It is unfortunate that every year there are several accidents and fatalities involving buggy tourists.


The beaches are closed to buggy drivers with no license. You can drop off your equipment quickly but you have to park your buggy further away. If not, you could risk being arrested by the military police.



Regularly check the fuel level, as the gauges are not always reliable. Use the lights (this is mandatory in Brazil) and verify that they are then closed when out of the buggy to avoid running out of power.




Belts mandatory on the road but not in the village.

A photocopy of your driver's license and passport is sufficient in the village, and on the road (outside the village) if you stay well within the scope recommended too.

Warning, speed radars are present on the road. All violations of the road will be your responsibility.




Castelo Vendom disclaims all responsibility, buggy hire is the sole responsibility of the final tenant.


Please print this document, sign and date, indicating your name if you are more users. Please provide on arrival.


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