Horse Riding With Us

Dreaming about horse riding on wild beaches with beautiful horses? Now it is possible here.
We have chosen the most zen and happy female horses of Nordeste for you. 
Our horses are calm and strong, perfect for nice rides along the beaches and countryside of Ceara. 
Forget your European customs - Here you will ride like a cowboy, with "Australian-style" saddles and run free across wild spaces.

In this region there are no studs as you know them in Europe or in developed countries. Here we are closer to the idea of ​​the Wild West cowboy atmosphere.


Discovering the great outdoors and triple gallops on the beaches!


Horses are horses of vaquejades, a local rodeo that is practiced in two, with the aim of bringing down a cow between two lines. They therefore meet the fingers and the eye and above all. Most importantly, they are not stressed because they have such a peaceful environment. Hugs and games are easy.

Ideal for beginners and great for experts, training and riding horses is very fun.

If you like dressage, it is also possible as the Fazenda has 25 mares, youngsters just waiting to come out with the holders.

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There are also foals, chickens, ducks, geese (fresh eggs to make a nice breakfast), turkeys, cows and more.

Here yit is more common to go around with your cowboy hat, but you're welcome to come with you're own horse riding clothes, as there are none available here.


So if you love the great outdoors, breathtaking scenery, the feeling of freedom and harmony with the animals; forget everything and come and enjoy the inner peace experienced here.


Our recommendation: 

10 to 15 days with 2.5 to 3.5 hours every second day in the morning, and in between enjoy an afternoon massage and rest at the beach or in the pool.


Packages with room, half or full board, massages and other activities available on request.

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