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For 2016 KITE CAMP PRO is introducing 2 completely new camps and locations in Brazil. They are running a Big Air kite camp in Prea and a Flat Water kite camp in Parajuru. They have listened to what you most want from your kite camp and have put together 2 awesome packages to give you the experience if a lifetime with us.

The Flat Water camp in Parajuru has been carefully chosen to provide some of the butter flat lagoon experiences you read and see in Brazil video and articles, but without the crowds of pro riders or stagnant water.

The spot we have chosen is an open lagoon providing 3-4 hours a day of very flat water with the added bonus of a sand bank with waves for those that want them.

They have also chosen accommodation to suit different needs and the cost of the camp reflects this from sharing a room in an eco lodge to a single room in a luxury house. Please contact us to discuss the accommodation and pricing options further.


29 OCT - 5 NOV 2016

€1600 - €1900



















Originally a snowboarder and a skier, it did not take long for Sofi to fall in love with what is now her main motivation, kitesurfing.

As a former sports teacher she is a person who loves to share, communicate and inspire. After 3 years of teaching in French high schools and middle schools, she couldn’t resist her desire to get away from it and decided, after qualifying as an IKO instructor, to settle on the paradise island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, to live her new life as a kitesurfer.

After 1 year spent there the desire to expand and share her passion with the female community gave her the idea to create her own online magazine, KiteSista, but still kept on teaching and coaching kitesurfing at all levels. Still wanting to give girls a new vision of the sport, she decided to do a little bit more via Kitesista and became the third most influential kitesurfing Girl 2012′ and got sponsorship from F- one, Kanabeach, Lastage and Mood.

Thereafter she became involved in progression and coaching camps and realized quickly that this approach is definitely what motivates her and what she likes to do – share her passion and knowledge with others. recently she has joined together with fellow F-One rider Celine Rodenas to create Kite Camp Pro focusing on training camps offering a high level of service both on and off the water.

With Sofi’s love of travel and kitesurfing, but also with her desire to teach and share, Kite Camp Pro will give you the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world to improve and achieve your goals.




















Marcus, or mog as he is more commonly known, is the technical side of the business, from websites to social media, to marketing, to photography, to just making sure everything works, …or fixing it when it’s broken.

He is also an accomplished freestyle coach with experience in teaching as far reached as university lecturing and working with disabled children. So although he doesn’t possess any formal qualifications (in anything) he more than makes up for it in experience and patience.

From the UK originally, but having lived 4 years in Zanzibar where he helped build and develop the media impact of Paje By Kite, and currently living in France, he is here to make sure that you are always online wherever possible and that, if you wish, you can take home some amazing shots from your time on the camp, if you decide to make a private photo-shoot with him.

In the meantime you will find him behind his computer answering your questions, and dealing with any issues and requests that you might have.



This year they have put on 2 accommodation options to suit different styles and budgets, but each offering the highest quality and comfort.
They have taken 2 houses and customers can choose the option which suits them best however we assure you that splitting the group over these two houses will NOT affect the dynamic as all meals, trips, riding, briefings and debriefings will be done as a group and the houses are within 5 minutes walk and less than a minute in one of the 2 buggies supplied for each house.




  • Transfers to and from Fortaleza Airport

  • 7 nights full board at with “Castelo Vendom“ or “Casa Grande”.

  • Attention to providing healthy food at all times

  • 6 days full coaching (2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the afternoon).

  • Video analysis and personal progression goals

  • Regular 1 on 1 feedback sessions off the water to analyse problems and progress

  • Downwinder and trip to nearby spot as a group

  • 2 Buggies per house



  • Flights (approx 700€ – 900€)

  • Kiting equipment (please see the Extras if you would like to purchase equipment)

  • Professional photo-shoot (more info in the FAQ)

  • Holiday insurance (more info in the FAQ)


The team OF KITE CAMP PRO organise in Parajuru a kitesurf camp training




©, parajuru, Kite-surfing, horse-riding, massage, shiatsu, capoiera, tai chi, buggy trip on the beaches, jangada boat and yacht, cities discovering…   Or just relaxing, tanning and swimming in the Castelo Vendôm ecologic pool or in the Parajuru lagoon...  All you need, can be reserved for you !
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