Kitesurfing in Parajuru Lagoon

One of the most beautiful spots in Brazil

Enjoy a pristine lagoon and wild beach with a pleasantly warm climate all year round. Several Brazilian baraccas and the nearby kitesurf school, with its picturesque bar, offer all the amenities you need.
Whether you're with friends, with your partner or with your children, Parajuru offers you a huge space to kitesurf in safety. Formed by the river and the sandbanks offshore, the lagoon benefits from a current that brings your boards to the edge of the beach, the Southeast winds and on-side winds and a large flat water plan by foot at low tide.

Ranked 4th and 5th best spot in the world by!


Beyond the lagoon and the sandbanks lies the open sea with its waves.
About 800m North of the lagoon you will also find a lake of consistent waves.


We organize downwinds from South to North on the day.


We know the area well and have a few secret spots to share with you.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Parajuru is a perfect place to visit for kitesurfing. Well-known for its excellent conditions, people travel from all around the world to kitesurf here.

Parajuru offers clean beaches and an unusual marine beauty. With warm temperatures at about 30 °C / 86 °F, lukewarm water type and onshore or sideshore winds, everyone can enjoy kitesurfing in safe conditions.


In addition, there is an area with flat water which is ideal for beginners.


From July to January, the wind blows almost every day ranging from around 17 to 25 knots. It is rare for the wind to exceed 30 knots, and then only for a few hours.  Kites with 11m² (80 kg rider) will fly the most, 14m² less frequently and 8m² or 9m² on selected days. For girls, 8m² and 10m² are perfect.


The lagoon offers a very large expanse of flat water about 1km² from the beach to the river.
The lagoon forms mainly at hight tide and offers 4 to 5 hours of completely flat water.
You will still find a smooth space thanks to the river and smooth sailing conditions thanks to the sand banks that protect the beach from the big surf.







Beginner or good rider

Enjoy amazing kitesurfing sessions with professionals

Whether you are intermediate or experienced, they will be at your service to make you progress with confidence.
From transition to unhooked tricks, learn at your own pace and in a personalized way.

This weeks will be dedicated, with video support and debriefing to help you progress at best during this week.
Tell us what you want to work, we take care of you!
Little plus: an hour of massage to loosen your muscles, caipirinhas to aperitifs to loosen the mood (just in case), and a trip to a secret spot to marvel ...


Que vous soyez intermédiaires ou confirmés, ils seront à vos petits soins pour vous faire progresser en toute confiance. De la transition aux tricks déhookés, apprenez à votre rythme et de manière personnalisée.
Ces semaines vous seront dédiées, avec appuis vidéo et debriefing afin de vous faire progresser au mieux durant cette semaine.
Dites nous ce que vous souhaitez travailler, on s'occupe de vous!
Les petits plus :  des heures de massage pour vous délier les muscles, des caïpirinhas aux apéros pour vous délier l'humeur (au cas où), et des trips sur un secret spot pour s'émerveiller...



Why choose Castelo Vendom in Parajuru?

At Castelo Vendom, we have your holiday at heart and will do everything to make your kitesurfing trip with us unforgettable. We are kitesurfing enthusiasts as well, so we know how important every detail is and we will share with you all our knowledge of the sport and the local area.


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