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In order to meet demand, we are developing a vegetable garden where we are planting fruits and vegetables.


In order to recycle wastewater, it is essential that customers use organic products for personal hygiene.
Provide the structure and thus ultimately produce these products: soaps, shampoos, creams ... A SPA will be an option with product sales. 


We make our homemade bread, jams, fruit cachaças, fruit juices... We give you free source water during your meal and you will find a water bottle in your bedroom. We do not suggest and saling any sodas or industrial food and drinks. 




Build to ecological standards and respect the enviromnent :


• Develop clean energy building techniques

• Use local resources to reduce the carbon footprint

• Involve the local population



The water supplied is mainly by the contribution of groundwater through wells and pumps hydrolic but it is also supplemented or replaced by the recuperation of different types of water:


1 / Rainwater

Gutters will collect rainwater in containers which can then be used for the garden or cleaning.


2 / Grey water

This will be recycled naturally using a filtration system of plant and mineral, with a biodigestor.

The system is simple with water passing between different tanks before being filtered by specific plants.

The resulting water is clean and can be returned to ground.


3 / Hot water

The weather is enought hot to enjoy fresh water. And producing hot water is a non sens here.



The Vendom project respect the local environment.
The coast, being comprised mostly of sand, supports little vegetation.

It will therefore not be possible to plant such big area of grass since it’s water requirements are too demanding. So we have planted a little area of grass but with a special filtration for water. 

As a result indigenous plants such as palms, cactus, cashew, eucalyptus, mango and other fruit trees will be given priority. Other species capable of surviving the semi-arid climate has been also introduced, as well as those capable of filtering grey water.

In order to collect water and allow other plants to flourish, we have developed a compost in layers through recycling of organic waste.

Vegetation produces organic waste: leaves, wood, bark ...

Supply also: peelings, tea, coffee, eggshells, leftover vegetables, fruits ...

Small stationery: paper, card, cardboard ...

All these are passed to waste compost or clutch to create own soil to nurture new arable land and nourish the organic farm.

Natural ventilation is preferred to air conditioning which required to be repaired very often and which is greedy in energy.

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