2017 Board Bag rules airline companies

Surfer Friendly Boardbag Airline

Most of the following airlines include a surfboard as part of your regular bag allowance and let that sled fly for FREE. These are the surfer friendly board bag airlines. You might have to pay a little more to book your ticket but it’s better than paying an extra $400-$600 to take your quiver both ways.

  • KLM

  • Virgin (Europe)

  • Interjet (Mexico)

  • Qantas (Australia)

  • South Africa

  • Air New Zealand

  • Singapore

The following is the list of airlines who charge over $150 each way:

  • Delta

  • Iberia

  • Japan Air

  • Lufthansa

  • US Air

  • Northwest

The following is the list for surfers that have daddy wallet:

  • Alitalia $260

  • Emirates $300

  • Swiss Air $250

  • Thai Air $150 Per Board (they open the bag and count)

  • United $200

  • All Nippon $300

We have a new category for Trump family:

  • Qatar Airways ($1750)

Please note than company rules can change at anytime, print its on the airline website or ask a confirmation by email when you buy you ticket to show at the airport in case of problem.

2017 Airline Surfboard Boardbag Fee Guide For Surfers

Airline: Aer Lingus

Surfboard Fee: €30 or €40

Website: www.aerlingus.com Telephone:

  • US 1(516)-622-4222

  • Ireland + 353 0818-365000

  • UK +44 0871-718-5000

  • France +33 08-2123-02671

Specifications: For flights between Ireland and North America surfboard is part of the free allowance, normal excess baggage rates apply if the passenger carries excess to the free allowance.

There is no charge for Surf Boards for passengers traveling in Business class.

Specifications & Fees
  • €30 ($40) payable online prior to departure

  • €40 ($55) payable at the airport on the day of departure.

  • This fee is charged each-way on outbound and return journeys.

*Please contact Reservations Department in order to book your bags in advance.

Please note that Surf Boards must not exceed 9’0 ft (277 cm) in length and must be packed in cushioning material such as bubble wrapping so as to protect them against damage. On regional flights, surfboards must not exceed 6’7 ft (205 cm).




Airline: Aeroflot

Surfboard Fee: Free – $150.

Website: http://www.aeroflot.ru/cms/en Telephone:

  • US 1(868)-879-7647 (free for US)

  • Russia +7 (495) 223-55-55

  • UK +44 080-0026-0033 (free for UK).

Specifications & Fees
  • $100 (€50) for 50lbs – 70lbs (23 kg – 32 kg)

  • $150 (€100) for 70lbs – 99lbs (32 kg – 45 kg)

  • $100 (€100) for 5’5ft – 6’6ft (158 cm to 203 cm)

  • $150 or €150 more than 6’6ft (203 cm)

  • $50 or €50 Extra Piece (Second piece)

  • $150 or €150 Third and any additional piece

Exception: Surfboards up to 5’5 ft (168cm) will be considered as one regular baggage piece for any service class, provided that the total weight of the items does not exceed 50 lbs (23kg).




Airline: Aerolineas Argentinas

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.aerolineas.com.ar Telephone: U.S. 1(800)-333-0276 / 1(800)-688-0008. Email reserve@us.aerolineas.aero Europe (Germany tel.) +49 69-2999-2678. Email aerolineas@arcor.de

Specifications & Fees
  • Surfing gear is not part of the free allowance.

  • One checked surfboard will be charged.

Notes: Please contact airline for more info.



Airline: Aero Mexico

Surfboard Fee: $40 or $50

Website: www.aeromexico.com Telephone:

  • US & Canada 1(800)-237-6639

  • Mexico +52 51-33-40-00

  • UK +44 0-800-977-5533.

  • France +33 0800-916-754.

Specifications & Fees

$40 if purchased by phone reservation. $50 if purchased at airport. *Fee is applied per board bag, up to three surfboards per bag.

Maximum length 9’0 ft

Notes: We recommend that you call Aero Mexico to confirm surfboard fees, and make sure to get the name of the person you’re speaking to. Why? Some of our bros have been charged $65 by airline staff at airport check-in, and after they mention phone conversation and employee’s name, they change it to $50 (original fee). They’ll often try to trick you!




Airline: AirAsia

Surfboard Fee: Vary from the airport you fly.

Website: http://www.airasia.com Telephone: Malaysia +60 085-9999.

Specifications & Fees

“Must be packed in a recognized surfboard bag weighing not more than 44lbs (on its own). Anything in excess of 44lbs will attract Excess Baggage Fee at the prevailing rate of the airport.

Must not exceed 9ft


Live chat http://www.airasia.com/ask/


Airline: Air Berlin

Surfboard Fee: €50 to €120 (depending on short/medium/long-haul)

Website: http://www.airberlin.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-266-5588

  • Germany +49 030-3434-3434

  • France +33 0826-96-73 78

  • UK +44 0-871-5000-737

Specifications & Fees

Surfboard must be packed in soft case or similar.

Notes: Since the space available in the cargo hold is limited, we recommend that you register your baggage well in advance. Surfboards and other sports equipment must be registered 48 hours before departure.




Airline: Air Canada

Surfboard Fee: $50

Website: www.aircanada.com Telephone:

  • US & Canada 1(888)-247-2262

  • UK +44 0871-220-1111

  • France +33 0825-880-881

Specifications & Fees

The handling charge is $50 (plus tax), it applies per surfboard to one-way flights and for each way of travel on round-trip and multi-segment flight. Max length 6’6 ft (203 cm).

Notes: *Two handling fees apply for two (2) surfboards packed in the same container. Air Canada is not liable if and to the extent that any damage results from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the baggage.




Airline: Air China

Surfboard Fee: 1.5% of your fare. Typical fight to China is around $1000, so you’d be paying over $150.

Website: http://www.airchina.com Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-882-8122.

Specifications & Fees

Maximum weight allowed is 50 pounds beyond which the normal flight charge for extra baggage is applicable—if you ride a board smaller than 5′ then it goes free. Everything else is calculated based on your ticket price of 1.5% surcharge.




Airline: Air Europa

Surfboard Fee: €150

Website: http://www.aireuropa.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-238-7672

  • Spain +34 902-401-501

Specifications & Fees

SURFING EQUIPMENT (windsurf, surf board and kit surf )Surf equipment may consist of a surf board, mast, sail or a surf board or kite or parachute, a bar and a board. Surfing equipment is not included in the baggage allowance. For each equipment checked-in a charge of €150 will be applied per one way.



Airline: Air France

Surfboard Fee: $55 to $150

Website: www.airfrance.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-992-3932

  • France +33 (0)9 69-39-0215

  • UK +44 0871-66-33-777

Specifications & Fees

Cannot exceed 50 lbs.

If the length of your surfboard is between 107 and 300 cm (42″ and 9’8 ft), 23 kg (50 lb) maximum per board, you must purchase an additional baggage allowance at the airport, determined according to your trip:

  • €55 ($75) on flights departing from a country outside the Europe,zone 1.

  • €55 ($55) on flights departing from a country outside the Europe, zone 2.

  • €100 ($150) on flights departing from a country within the Europe, zone 3.

  • €100 ($100) on flights departing from a country within the Europe, zone 4.

  • Check out zones.

Notes: Surfboards and long-boards can be transported in the hold with prior authorization by phone from our sales department




Airline: Air India

Surfboard Fee: $200

Website: http://www.airindia.com/index.htm Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-223-7776. Email: eCommerce@airindia.in

Specifications & Fees

The will be charged 50% of the excess baggage charge. Such kit can be pooled in the Free Baggage Allowance but only 1 per passenger. Excess weight due to additional kit shall be charged as an extra piece.

More than 23 kgs up to 32 kgs (51-70 lbs) – USD 100.00 per piece. 3rd and each additional piece upto 50 lbs – USD 200.00 between India and US.

Notes: Golfing Kit/Surf Boarding equipment – The will be charged 50% of the excess baggage charge. Such kit can be pooled in the Free Baggage Allowance but only 1 per passenger. Excess weight due to additional kit shall be charged as an extra piece.




Airline: Air New Zealand

Surfboard Fee: Free (but only if you meet their requirements)

Website: www.airnewzealand.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-262-1234

  • Baggage Services 1(866)-767-2247

  • New Zealand +64 0800-737-000.

  • UK +44 0800-028-4149

  • France +33 0800-90-77-12.

Specifications & Fees

Free as part of your baggage limit but if its exceeds that the charge is $150 (first bag) or $200 (second bag) for flights originating from USA. Two surfboards can be taken in a single bag.

Notes: Please note there is a maximum weight restriction of 32kg (70lbs) per item and 2 meters (6’5 ft) long.

Please contact airline prior to trip for more information.




Airline: Air Pacific (Fiji Airlines)

Surfboard Fee: $50 to $100

Website: www.airpacific.com Telephone:

Specifications & Fees
  • $50, flights to all destinations (except US/Canada, to and from Australia).

  • $100, flights to US/Canada, to and from Australia

Notes: These charges apply to surfboards exceeding 158cm (5’1 ft) but not exceeding 277cm (9’0 ft) in total dimension, at a maximum weight of 23kg (50lbs).

Links: http://www.fijiairways.com/flight-information/excess-oversized-baggage/

Airline: Air Tahiti Nui

Surfboard Fee: Free

Website: www.airtahitinui.com Telephone:

  • US 1 (877)-824-4846

  • UK 44 (0) 870-0660-2050

  • France +33 08-2502-4202.

Specifications & Fees

Must be under 50 lbs and 98 inches.

One board bag allowed free of charge. If it does not exceed 50 lbs (23kg) maximum weight and 8’2 ft (250cm) maximum length.

Notes: In all cases the second piece and/or adding another item of sporting equipment, are subject to published Excess Baggage Charges (Extra Piece/Oversize and/or over weight as applicable)




Airline: AirTran Airways

Surfboard Fee: $50

Website: http://www.airtran.com Telephone: US 1(800)-247-8726 or 1(866)-247-2428.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards will be accepted for a fee of $50 per item each way when packed in a case designed to prevent damage to surfboards and only upon completion of a Limited Release



Airline: Air Transat

Surfboard Fee: CA $100 per flight segment

Website: http://www.airtransat.com/ Telephone: 1(866)-255-4871 Email: cbagages@airtransat.com

Specifications & Fees

Dimensions: Maximum 3.65 m (12 feet) long, Weight:Maximum 32 kg (70 lb.)



Airline: Alaska Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $40-$75

Website: www.alaskaair.com Telephone:

  • US/Canada 1(800)-252-7522

  • UK +44 800-2527-5200

  • France +33 800-2527-5200.

Specifications & Fees

One item (two boards per case) may be included as a checked bag

Notes: Alaska Airlines will accept surfboards as checked baggage provided each piece is properly packed in a soft or hard sided case designed specifically for it.




Airline: Alitalia

Surfboard Fee: $75 to $260 (depending on destination)

Website: http://www.alitalia.com/ Email: customer.relationsNYC@alitalia.it Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-223-5730

  • Italy +39 06-65640

  • France +33 (0) 1-44-94-44 05.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboard must be 6’5 to 9’8 ft (200-300 cm) and less than 50 lbs (32 kg).

Notes: Depending on the size of the aircraft, surf and windsurf boards may not be accepted on board. Because of the variety of sizes of this type of surfboards, please contact Alitalia before booking/checking in. Please note that for the check-in and shipping of a surfboard you must:

  • Declare this item when you book your flight and, should you take a connecting flight on another carrier, get approval from this carrier; otherwise it will only be accepted on the Alitalia flight.

  • Check in for your flight at least an hour before departure.

  • Make sure the surfboard is properly packaged in containers or wrapped to protect it during loading and unloading.



Airline: All Nippon Airways

Surfboard Fee: $150 or $300

Website: http://www.ana.co.jp/asw/wws/us/e/ Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-235-9262.

Specifications & Fees

Within 50 pounds the price is $150 or $300 depending on the size:

  • between 50-70 pounds-additional $30;

  • between 70-110 pounds-additional $150;

  • over 110 pounds, $300.

Notes: Limit length permitted: 9.5 ft



Airline: American Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $150

Website: www.aa.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-433-7300

  • UK +44 (0)844-499-7300

  • France +33 0826-460-950.

Specifications & Fees

No bags greater than 126 inches allowed. For travel to, through or from Brazil the boards must be under 108 inches and your first board is $42.50—additional surfboards are $85.

Surfboard fee, $150 regardless of the number of checked bags. Lightweight surfboards packaged in a single bag that weighs less than 70 lbs. will be accepted as a single surfboard for charging purposes. Maximum weight and size: 70 lbs and 10’5 ft. Acceptance conditional on aircraft size and load factors.

Notes: For travel through, to and from Brazil, surfboard charge for first board checked is $37.50; any additional surfboards are charged $75..




Airline: American Eagle

Surfboard Fee: $150

Website: http://www.aa.com/ Telephone: 1-800-535-5225

Specifications & Fees

$150 regardless of the number of checked bags.Lightweight surfboards packaged in a single bag that weighs less than 70 lbs. will be accepted as a single surfboard for charging purposes.

Through and from Brazil: Surfboard charge for first board checked is $37.50; any additional surfboards are charged $75.00.

Notes: Maximum weight and size: 70lbs and 10.5 ft long.



Airline: Asiana Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Complicated

Website: http://us.flyasiana.com/ Telephone: US 1(800)-227-4262.

Specifications & Fees

Depends on the route you are traveling and the departure city. No cost if this is within the limits of the free baggage policy. Bag should not exceed 6’6 ft and 70 lbs.

Notes: Talk about complicated policy.

  • Americas Routes

  • 1. Tickets issued from July 1, 2012

  • When the total weight of baggage including the equipment does not exceed the free baggage allowance, no extra charges are applied.

  • When the free baggage allowance is exceeded, the excess baggage charge per piece is applied.

  • No fee will be charged for baggage that exceeds the size limit.

  • But baggage that exceeds the weight limit of 23 kg will be charged an excess weight fee.

  • 2. Tickets issued before July 1, 2012

  • Transportation is free of charge when the baggage including golf equipment does not exceed the free baggage allowance.

  • When the free baggage allowance is exceeded, 33% of the applicable excess baggage charge is applied.

  • Non-Americas Routes

  1. 1. If you plan to board before March 1, 2015

  • When the total weight of baggage including the equipment does not exceed the free baggage allowance, no extra charges are applied.

  • When the free baggage allowance is exceeded, the lower amount between the excess baggage charge for 3kg and the regular excess baggage charge for the weight exceeding the free baggage allowance is applied.

  1. 2. If you plan to board after March 1, 2015

  • you will have no extra baggage transportation fee to pay when the total weight of your baggage, including ski equipment, does not exceed the free baggage allowance.

  • When the free baggage allowance is exceeded, you will be charged either the excess baggage charge calculated according to the following Extra Charge System, or the regular excess baggage charge applied to the weight exceeding the free baggage allowance, whichever is lower.

  • Extra Charge System

  • For ski equipment weighing 12kg or less, the regular excess baggage charge for 3kg over is applied.

  • For ski equipment over 12kg, the weight up to 12kg is calculated as 3kg over, and the weight over 12kg is added to the 3kg to calculate the total excess baggage charge.




Airline: Atlantic Southeast – ExpressJet

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.flyasa.com/ Telephone:

  • US 1(404)-856-1000

  • Please try Customer Relations (404)-856-1433

Specifications & Fees

Information not available on the website and no one taking the call.

Notes: You can follow their partners’ baggage policies. Delta, United, and American Airlines.



Airline: Austrian Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $70 to $150

Website: http://www.austrian.com Telephone: US 1(800)-843-0002. Austria +43 (0)5 1766 1000.

Specifications & Fees
  • Up t0 2 meters in length (6.5 ft).

  • Flights within Europe and 3rd countries: €50 or $70 (USD/CAD)

  • Intercontinental flights: €100 or $150 (USD/CAD)




Airline: Avianca (TACA)

Surfboard Fee: $100-$150

Website: http://www.avianca.com/ Telephone: 1 (800)-284-2622 Email: e_solutions@centrosolucionavianca.com

Specifications & Fees
  • They can allow only three boards and it will cost $100 (Cost may vary depending on the destinations)

  • The maximum height they can allow is 12 feet and should be under 70 pounds”



Airline: Bahamas Air

Surfboard Fee: $65

Website: www.bahamasair.com Telephone: US 1 (800)-222-4262. Bahamas 1(242)-702-4140.

Specifications & Fees

Treated as a checked bag, the first bag is free. One board per bag. For international flights:

  • if it’s over 50 lbs and under 70, or if it’s over 6.2

  • it’s $75.If it’s over 70 lbs but under 100

  • it’s $125. If it’s over 62″ and 70 lbs, it’s $150.

  • For domestic flights & Turks and Caicos, if it’s over 62″ but under 44 lbs, it’s $65.

Can’t exceed 100 lbs



Airline: Blue Panorama Airlines

Surfboard Fee: € 100

Website: http://www.blue-panorama.it/en/index.html Telephone: Calling outside of Italy +39 06-98-95-66-77. Italy 06-98-95-66-66. Email: backoffice@bluepanorama.com

Specifications & Fees

100 Euros per flight for each surf equipment and snowboard on international flights of the Carrier’s towards Africa, the East, the Caribbean and the Americas, plus, in general, for all intercontinental flights.


http://www.blue-panorama.it/en/terms_and_conditions.html (terms&conditions #13.7)

Airline: British Airways

Surfboard Fee: Free to $60*

Website: www.britishairways.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-247-9297

  • UK +44 0844-493-0787

  • France +33 (0) 825-825-400.

Specifications & Fees

B.A. will accept surfboards as checked baggage providing they do not exceed the maximum weight restrictions for checked baggage and are packed in a recognized bag or case to safeguard against damage.

  • The bag containing the board can be up to a maximum size of 6’2 ft (190cm).

  • Bags weighing more than 51 lb (23 kg) may incur a heavy bag charge ($60).




Airline: Cathay Pacific

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined*

Website: www.cathaypacific.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-233-2742

  • Hong Kong +852 2747-1888

  • UK +44 0-20-8834-8888.

Specifications & Fees

Free of charge unless it exceeds weight and length, then fees are applied per kilogram.

Notes: Surfboards are subject to the applicable standard excess baggage charges if in excess of your standard free baggage allowance. Acceptance of any bag over 70 lbs (32kg) or over 6’0 ft (203cm) is subject to prior approval and notification upon booking/reservation.

Please contact airline prior to purchasing ticket, for more information.[/box]



Airline: China Eastern Airlines or Shanghai Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://us.ceair.com/


  • U.S. Los Angeles 1(310)-744-8999, 1-626-583-1500. New York 1(212)-685-8685.

  • Paris +33 144860300

  • London +44 207 935 2676

  • China, Shanghai 95530 021-95530

Specifications & Fees

Notes: Please contact airline for more info.



Airline: China Southern

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.csair.com Telephone: U.S. 1(888)-338-8988, direct call 1(323)-653-8088

Specifications & Fees

NA. Please contact airline.



Airline: Condor

Surfboard Fee: $65 to $98

Website: http://www.condor.com Telephone:

  • US 1(866)-960-7915

  • Rest of the world & Germany +49 (0) 6171-6988920.

  • Email: condorkb@condor.com

Specifications & Fees
  • $65 one-way-short/medium haul flights.

  • $98 one-way/long haul flights.

Notes: Up to 66 lbs (30 kg). Max. dimensions: 13 ft (400cm) length x 27″ (70 cm) width x 21″ (55 cm) height*.

  • Comprising 1 surfboard (+ 1 mast + 1 sail or 1 board + 1 kite.)

  • Dimension details must be indicated to establish whether and how the item can be carried.

  • Charge does not apply to bodyboards/boogie boards.



Airline: COPA

Surfboard Fee: $50 to $75

Website: www.copaair.com Telephone: US 1(800)-359-2672. Panama +507 304-2672.

Specifications & Fees
  • Surfboards or surfboard bags measuring more than 9’5 ft (292 cm) in length will not be accepted as checked baggage on Copa Airlines flights.

  • Bags containing surfboards weighing more than 70 lb (32 kg) will not be accepted as checked bags.

  • $75 per trip, per bag (two boards per board bag allowed).

  • ($50 to and from Costa Rica and Brazil)

Notes: Copa Airlines will transport a maximum of two surfboards, packed in the same bag, per passenger. Any additional boards must be checked as cargo. Please contact airline for more information, prior to purchasing ticket to reserve space for luggage.



Airline: Corsairfly

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.corsairfly.com Telephone:

  • U.S. 1(800)-677-0720

  • France +33 1 7039-2210.

Specifications & Fees

NA. Please contact airline.




Airline: Delta Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $100 to $150.

Website: http://www.delta.com/ Telephone:

  • US 1(404)-209-3434

  • UK +44 871-221-1222

  • Brazil +55 0800-761-7070

  • Spain +34 902-810-872.

Specifications & Fees

$150 (€105) traveling to all regions (excluding Brazil). $100 traveling to/from Brazil.

Delta Connection carrier surfboard acceptance and charges may vary. Please contact airline for more information.

  • Surfboards are allowed up to two boards per bag.

  • Bags over 70 lbs. will be charged the excess weight fee ($125 – $200).

  • Between Honolulu and Maui, there is a $20 fee.

  • Surfboards over 9’5 ft are not allowed.

Notes: Please be advised, between Honolulu and Maui, there is a $20 fee.



Airline: Easyjet

Surfboard Fee: $20-$50

Website: http://www.easyjet.com/ Telephone: UK +44 0843-104-5000.France +33 0820-420-315. Rest of the world +44 843 104 5454. Email: customer.service@easyjet.com

Specifications & Fees

Easyjet people say “Buying weight allowance for sporting goods gives you a 12kg extra weight allowance. You must be traveling with sports equipment (as listed in the booking process), although the exact weight distribution between items doesn’t matter. For example: One passenger traveling buys a bag and an additional sporting allowance. This gives an allowance of 2 items (which must include 1 sporting item), at a total weight of 5o lbs (32kg). However, if the sporting item is 40 lbs (18kg) and the bag is 30 lbs (14kg) then that’s fine with us!

Two passengers are traveling with one hold bag and two pieces of sports equipment. This gives an allowance of 3 items (which must include 2 sporting items), at a total weight of 97 lbs (44kg). The exact distribution of weight between baggage items doesn’t matter, subject to the maximum weights detailed above for health and safety reasons.”

Notes: You can usually add a surfboard to your ticket fir a reasonable price.




Airline: El Al

Surfboard Fee: $70

Website: http://www.elal.co.il/elal/english/states/general/ Telephone: U.S. 1(800)-223-6700. Email: baggageclaims@elalusa.com

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards can be flown as part of your baggage allowance.

  • Up t0 33 lbs, 4.6ft: $70.

  • Between 35-70 lbs, 4.6 to 6.6ft: ($70 Europe. $210 rest of the world.)

  • Between 71-110 lbs, 6.6 to 9ft: $210.



Airline: Egyptair

Surfboard Fee: Surfboards not allowed. They need to go as cargo.

Website: http://www.egyptair.com Telephone: US 1(212)-581-5600. UK +44 0844-822-1110. France +33 1-4494-8500.

Specifications & Fees

If you are carrying special sporting items EGYPTAIR applies special excess baggage rates to these items.

The following special baggage will be checked as cargo and should not be packed in sporting travel cases:

Bike-Tandem, Bulk baggage, Hang Gliders ,Kayaks, Surfboard

Notes: check out the temples,



Airline: Emirates

Surfboard Fee: Emirates the policy in 2015. It is now a maximum of 300cm on the L + W + H If you are more than that , your board bag will have to go directly on fret.

Website: www.emirates.com Telephone: US 1(800)-777-3999. UK +44 844-800-2777. France +33 (0)1-5732-4999.

Specifications & Fees

Emirates will accept surfboards, as checked baggage and part of your standard baggage allowance, provided they are less than 10’0 ft (300cm) in length. For surfboards, the following precautions must be taken: – Fins should always be removed, or, if they cannot be removed, should be firmly packed with polystyrene foam. – Both nose and tail should have bubble-wrap or neoprene foam attached for protection. – The rails (sides of the board) should have cardboard down the sides to absorb shock. – The board should be packed in a properly padded surf-bag.

Links: http://www.emirates.com/au/english/plan_book/essential_information/baggages/extra_checked_baggage_allowances.aspx

Airline: Etihad Airways

Surfboard Fee: Free

Website: http://www.etihadairways.com Telephone: US 1(877)- 690-0767. UK +44 845-6081225

Specifications & Fees

Eithad Airways state that a surfboard would be free of charge as long as:

  • The surfboard is no longer than 3 meters (9’8 ft)

  • Weight of total baggage does not exceed 30 kg (66 pounds)

Notes: Please contact airline before flight.



Airline: EVA Air

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.evaair.com Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-695-1188. UK +44 20-7380-8300. France +33 1-4143-9111. Taiwan +886 3-3510022.

Specifications & Fees

The baggage allowance depends on airport and destination. Two allowance systems are in use. Different regulations and charges apply to special baggage, e.g. golf clubs, surfboards, windsurfing equipment etc. Please contact EVA AIR reservations 24 hours prior to your departure.

Notes: Please be very cautious when traveling with your surfboard with Eva Air. They might give you confusing information and charge you more than the established fees. On the phone they will give you an amount to pay, and on airport another one on top of that.




Airline: ExpressJet

Surfboard Fee: $150 (Approx.)

Website: http://www.expressjet.com/ Telephone: US 1(404)-856-1000. Customer Relations 1(404)-856-1433.

Specifications & Fees

Express jet operates on behalf of continental airlines and United Airlines, so the baggage rules applies by Continental and United. Surfboards are allowed but for certain costs.



Airline: Finnair

Surfboard Fee: $0 to $200

Website: http://www.finnair.com Telephone: US 1(800)-950-5000. Finland & Europe +358 600-140-140. Email: info@finnair.com

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards with a maximum length of 190 cm (6’2 ft) and maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs) are considered standard baggage.

  • If the baggage allowance does not exceed, no extra charge applies.

  • If a surfboard exceeds the maximum measurements 190 cm x 75 cm x 65 cm (6’2ft x 29″ x 25″), a charge of €150 or $200 USD/CAD is collected at the airport.

  • For carrying windsurfing boards, canoes and kayaks, an extra charge of €150 or $200 USD/CAD is always collected at the airport.



Airline: First Choice Airways

Surfboard Fee: £35 to £60

Website: http://www.firstchoice.co.uk/ Telephone: UK +44 0871-200-7799 or +44 0871-231-4691 Email: 24-7@firstchoice.co.uk

Specifications & Fees

For Surfboards/Windsurfers/Kitesurfers/Paragliders/Canoes.

  • Short haul – £35 return

  • Mid haul – £45 return

  • Long haul – £60 return



Airline: Frontier Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $20-$75

Website: http://www.frontierairlines.com/ Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-432-1359.

Specifications & Fees

$20 up to 11 feet and 50 lbs overweight charges $75. Cannot exceed 99lbs. Some checked items, such as surfboards will be charged a fixed handling fee because of size, fragility, or other handling requirements while others may be checked in lieu of one of your checked bags. If you plan to travel with a surfboard, please contact Frontier Airlines directly to confirm packing regulations and fees. The following limits for length apply based on aircraft type:

  • Airbus 319/320: 15 ft

  • Airbus 318: 11 ft

  • Embraer 190: 8 ft

  • Limited liability, unless packaged in a hard-sided case.




Airline: Garuda Indonesia

Free within the limits of free baggage policy.

Website: http://www.garuda-indonesia.com/ Telephone: US 1(800)-342-7832. Call Center at +62 80-4180-7807 (Within Indonesia region only) or +62 21-2351-9999. Email: lax@garudana.com

Specifications & Fees

All Sporting Equipments, including but not limited to Golfing, Surfboard, Bicycle and Skiing equipments maybe included into applicable passengers Free Baggage Allowance/FBA according to their actual fare paid. Important to notify the airline 24 hours before your take off.

Notes: Maximum weight permitted 33lbs (15 kilo).



Airline: GOL

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.voegol.com Telephone: US & Canada 1(855)-862-9190. Other countries +598 2403-8007 (24 hrs, Uruguay tel.)

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards, bodyboards, skateboards, skis, bowling balls and other equipment must be transported inside cases designed for their transportation or in their original packaging. Balls must be deflated. If equipment is not appropriately packaged according to the stipulations listed above, airline employees are authorized to refuse to transport the items.

Note: Baggage whose linear measurements exceed 158 cm (5.2 ft) or weigh more than 32 kg (70 lbs.) per item will not be accepted, not even as excess baggage.




Airline: Gulf Air

Surfboard Fee: NA

Website: http://www.gulfair.com Telephone:

  • US & Canada 1(888)-359-4853

  • Bahrain +973 1737-3737

  • UK +44 08-44-493-1717

  • France +33 4952-4141

Specifications & Fees

Gulf Air is delighted to accept surfboards as long as each piece does not exceed 32 kg and are within the dimensions set for extraordinary baggage 190 cm (6’2 ft) x 75 cm (20”) x 65 cm (25”). We would not be able to accept larger dimensions as checked baggage. Gulf Air would be happy to carry them as cargo in these circumstances.

Notes: Please contact airline for more info.



Airline: Hainan Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Each charging standard unit is $110.

Website: http://global.hnair.com/ Telephone:

Specifications & Fees

Surf boards Hainan Airlines allows surfing gear to be transported as checked baggage. The total size (length+ width +height) of each piece of surfing set should be less than 277 cm (9 ft). Hainan Airlines does not allow surfing gear to be included in the free baggage allowance. Only one set of surfing equipment for each passenger can be applied to special charging policies, namely being charged a fee of 50% of a standard charging unit. [Annotation: Each charging standard unit is 110 UD dollars. If RMB is used for payment, the exchange rate on the date the overweight check is completed shall be applied.] Other surfing gear shall be charged according to ordinary charging standards of over limit baggage.



Airline: Hawaiian Air

Surfboard Fee: $35 to $150.

Website: www.hawaiianair.com Telephone

  • US 1(800)-367-5320

  • UK +44 0-4208-133-0718

  • Australia +61 1800-188-371

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards will not be included in determining the free baggage allowance and will be subject to the following charges each:

  • Domestic flights, to neighbor island $35;

  • Between North America and Hawaii $100;

  • Between Continental USA $100.

International flights:

  • $150, between Hawaii/North America and Japan, Korea, Taiwan or China;

  • $150, between Hawaii/North America and Australia;

  • $150, for any other international travel.

Exception: For travel between USA and Australia or New Zealand, boards will be included in the free baggage allowance when travel is non-stop, direct and/or connecting Service. Boards in excess of the free baggage allowance and/or when en route stopover exceeding 24 hours occurs, will always be subject to the applicable baggage charges. Maximum weight for Surfboards is 23 kgs. or 50 lbs. Maximum length 9’5 ft.

Notes: Fin must be removed or well padded. Entire board must be protected by a suitable container. Limit of two boards per container. Charge will be assessed per container.



Airline: Iberia

Surfboard Fee: €150

Website: www.iberia.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-772-4642

  • Spain +34 902-400-500

  • UK +44 0-870-609-0500

  • France +33 0-825-800-965

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards will always be treated as excess baggage with a fixed charge of €150 per leg, payable exclusively at the airport. When the trip originates in America, Nigeria or Israel, the charge will be $150.

  • For flights coming in and out of Brazil, Surf equipment is not included under the baggage allowance and involves a charge of $60

  • Additional equipment will be charged $120/per unit.

  • Surfboard should not exceed 2.5m in length.

Notes: Its carriage will be subject to availability of space on the flight. Surfboards should be properly positioned and packed, fastened to prevent breakage or cause problems or injury during boarding and carriage.



Airline: Indian Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://home.airindia.in Telephone:

  • US & Canada 1(800)-180-1407

  • USA toll free 1(800)-223-7776

  • UK +44 207-760-3290.

Email: customersupport@airindiaexpress.in

Airline: Interjet

Surfboard Fee: Free

Website: interjet.com.mx Telephone:

Specifications & Fees

Max weight is 52 lbs for domestic flights and 110 lbs per passenger for international flights. Max size permitted, 8’9 ft. Any excess baggage will have a fee of $50.00 pesos (approx $5) plus tax for each additional pound.

Notes: add a corona.



Airline: Iran Air

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.iranair.com/ Telephone: London +44 020 8741 8000. Iran +98 (21)4662-4255. Email: Pr@iranair.com

Specifications & Fees

Notes: no surf in Iran bro.



Airline: Japan Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $50 to $150

Website: www.jal.com Telephone:

  • US & Canada 1(800)-525-3663 or 1(310)-643-1596.

  • Japan +81 0570-025-121

  • UK +44 0844-8-569-700

  • France +33 0810-747-700.

Specifications & Fees

Charges for each carry bag will be assessed according to the route.

Japan, Asia, India, Oceania Hawaii, North/Central/South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa:

  • Per carry bag:- 15,000yen ($150)

Between Japan and Asia, Guam, Oceania:

  • Per carry bag 10,000yen ($100)

Japan Domestic flights:

  • Per carry bag 5,000yen ($50)

Notes: Surfboards:Maximum of 2 surfboards per each carry bag. If your surfboard exceeds 47″ or 120cm (30″ or 100cm if the aircraft is 737) in length (Crazy!). Please consult with our airline or your travel agency in advance.



Airline: Jet Airways

Surfboard Fee: $50 if its exceeds the weight of the free check-in baggage.

Website: http://www.jetairways.com/ Telephone: 1(877)-835-9538

Specifications & Fees

The maximum size of a surfboard allowed is 5’2 ft, 50 lbs.

Notes: none.



Airline: Jet Blue

Surfboard Fee: $50

Website: www.jetblue.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-538-2583

  • All other countries 1(801)-449-2525.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards are accepted on domestic flights for a fee of $50 per board each way and will count as one of your checked bags. International flights, customers will be charged a fee of $50 per board each way and will count as part of the checked baggage allowance.

  • Surfboards are accepted to all destinations EXCEPT to/from Bermuda, Santo Domingo and Santiago.

  • Surfboards ARE accepted on flights to/from Puerto Plata, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Notes: One surfboard per case. Items weighing more than one hundred pounds (100 lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage. We recommend that surfboards travel in a hard-sided (rather than soft-sided) case to prevent damage.



Airline: JetStar

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Website: http://www.jetstar.com/ Telephone:

  • US 1(866)-397-8170

  • Australia & other countries +61 (613)-9645-5999.

Specifications & Fees

Weight and size must not exceed 50 lbs (32 kg) and 6’2 ft (domestic flights & short-haul international) and 9’0 ft (international long-haul); or else excess baggage will be applied.

Notes: Please contact airline for more details. Checked baggage fees are usually applied anyways and might vary.




Airline: KLM

Surfboard Fee: $55 to $150 (depending on destination)

Website: www.klm.com Telephone:

  • US & Canada 1(866)-434-0320 or 1(800)-618-0104

  • UK +44 (0) 871-231-0000. France +33 (0)9-6936-8605

  • Germany +49 01806-254-750.

Specifications & Fees

You can bring a surfboard of max. 42″ (107cm) instead of a suitcase or instead of an extra suitcase bought in advance. Larger surf equipment can only be taken at a special fee. Fees for surfboards between 42″ to 9’8 ft ( 107 and 300 cm) in length, max. 50 lbs (23 kg):

  • Within the Netherlands, $55.

  • Within Europe. Within Europe and North Africa, Israel, and other parts of Middle East, $55.

  • Within Europe and United States/Canada, rest of Middle East, India, $100. (When departing from United States, $150)

  • The rest of the world, $100.

Notes: Please contact KLM telephone reservations prior to trip. You always need to reserve for any type of surf equipment.




Airline: Korean Air

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Website: http://www.koreanair.com/ Telephone: US 1(800)-438-5000. UK +44 0-800-413-00.

Specifications & Fees

Maximum weight & length allowed, 70lb (32kg) and 9’0 ft (277cm). Take precautions when packing surfboards. Fins should be detached and thereafter boards safely enclosed in suitable bags. Surfboard will be charged per bag (or container). Korean Air assumes no liability for damage to sports equipment that is not contained in a hard-sided case designed for shipping with protective internal material.

Notes: Up to $200 if free baggage allowance is exceeded, and depending on destination.



Airline: LAN Chile

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Website: http://www.lan.com Telephone:

  • US 1(866)-435-9526

  • Chile +56 600-526-2000

  • France +33 082-123-1554.

  • UK +44 845-098-0140.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards may be considered part of the free checked baggage allowance provided that it does not exceed the permitted allowance (according to the route and flight cabin). Maximum length & weight permitted for surfboards 9’8 ft (300 cm) and 50 lbs (23 kg). If exceeded, you must pay the excess baggage fee. *($30 to $90, depending on destination flights)

Notes: beautiful flight attendants.




Airline: Lufthansa

Surfboard Fee: $70 to $150

Website: www.lufthansa-usa.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-645-3880.

  • Germany +49 69-86-799-799

  • UK +44 871-945-9747

  • France +33 892-231-690

Specifications & Fees

Must be less than 70 lbs (32 kg) and/or 6’5″ (2 meters).

  • Within Europe: $70 (€50).

  • Europe to intercontinental: $150 (€100).

  • If it’s over 6’7″ (2 m), the fees are doubled. You need to register sports baggage 24 hours before the flight.

Notes: safest airline with good service.

  • Sport Baggage and charges (PDF)

Airline: Malaysian

Surfboard Fee: Varies

Website: www.malaysiaairlines.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-552-9264

  • UK +44 (0) 20-7341-2022

  • France +33 0892-35-0810.

Specifications & Fees

One surfboard to a maximum length of 8’1 ft (2.5 meters) . Items over 8’1 ft in length shall not be accepted as checked baggage. Weight system:

  • Maximum weight of 33 lbs (15kg) will be carried free of charge.

  • If over the FBA + 33 lbs, normal excess baggage applies.

  • Piece system: 100% or single charge of the applicable excess baggage rate regardless of the dimension and size. Additional surfboards at the applicable excess baggage charge.

Additional surfboard restrictions and exceptions:

  • If not presented in a protective case, the item will only be accepted upon completion of a Limited Release tag.


Airline: Mesa Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $35

Website: http://www.mesa-air.com/ Telephone: 1(602)-685-4000 Email: customercare@iflygo.com

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards and paddle boards with lengths 6 feet and less on a limited basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate these items. A fee of $35 ($30 for tickets purchased on or prior to Oct. 31, 2013) will be charged for transportation of these items.



Airline: Mexicana

Surfboard Fee: $75

Website: www.mexicana.com Telephone: US 1(888)-882-9994, 1(877)-801-2010.

Specifications & Fees

One-way per bag, Max 8’3 ft.

Notes: Please call Mexicana Airlines, for more information.



Airline: Monarch Airlines

Surfboard Fee: £35 / €44 per item, per sector.

Website: http://www.monarch.co.uk/ Telephone: Calling from inside & outside the UK +44 8719-40-50-40. Contact form: http://www.monarch.co.uk/contact-us/flights

Specifications & Fees

These fees can only be booked at the airport.

Notes: butterfly.



Airline: MyTravel Airways or Thomas Cook

Surfboard Fee: £40 to £60

Website: http://www.thomascook.com/

Telephone: Denmark +45 3247-7200. US 1(800)-432-1359 Email: mytravelairways@mytravel.dk

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards are charged at £40 short haul/short haul plus and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Notes: high roller.


Airline: Northwest (Delta)

Surfboard Fee: $100 to $150.

Website: www.nwa.com Telephone: US 1(404)-209-3434. UK +44 871-221-1222. Brazil +55 0800-761-7070. Spain +34 902-810-872.

Specifications & Fees

$150 (€105) traveling to all regions (excluding Brazil). $100 traveling to/from Brazil.

  • Delta Connection carrier surfboard acceptance and charges may vary. Please contact airline for more information.

  • If the surfboard is not in a protective case, you must fill out a liability form before the surfboard will be accepted. (Click on link below)

  • Surfboards are allowed up to two boards per bag.

  • Bags over 70 lbs. will be charged the excess weight fee ($125 – $200).

  • Between Honolulu and Maui, there is a $20 fee.

  • Surfboards over 9’5 ft are not allowed.

Notes: Please be advised, between Honolulu and Maui, there is a $20 fee.



Airline: Oman Air

Surfboard Fee: Free

Website: http://www.omanair.com/en Telephone: US 1(201)-205-2115.

Specifications & Fees

Sporting Equipments as listed below may be accepted for carriage as checked in baggage and as part of passenger’s standard baggage allowance. If the free baggage allowance (FBA) is exceeded, normal excess baggage charges apply.Specifications & Fees

  • Wind Surf Boards

  • Surf Boards

  • Kite Surfing Equipment

  • Body Boards

  • Pole Vault

  • Kayaks

Following need to be taken into account. Items are less than 300 cm (10 feet) in length, any sails are detachable and collapsible and the equipment is appropriately packed in a hard shell packing case, if not limited release tag will be required.

Notes: Items up to 400 cm (13 feet) in length may be accepted in exceptional cases, provided detailed information is forwarded to us.

*Update 10/15: Wave Tribe Bro Scott said “Oman changed their policy on surfboards. No Longer Free Must Pay a lot.”



Airline: Pakistan Int. Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.piac.com.pk Telephone: 24 hr contact number +92 111-786-786. Email: info@piac.aero

Specifications & Fees

Airline: Philippine Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $150.00

Website: www.philippineairlines.com/ Telephone:

  • USA and Canada 1(800)-435-9725

  • Australia 1-300-888-725.

Specifications & Fees

$150 within a size of 9ft, if it exceeds that, the cost would be $300. Surfboards are not included in the free baggage allowance, and thus shall be considered as automatic excess baggage.

Notes: Exception: For travel between Australia and Philippines, surfboards shall only be accepted if enclosed in a surfboard bag that must not exceed 70lbs in weight and 9ft in length. Board can be included in the free baggage allowance. The number of surfboards can be more than one, but must not exceed 70lbs. When the combined weight of the board exceeds the free baggage allowance, normal excess baggage rates shall apply.

[box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Our Wave Tribe bro Tim, comments: Flew with Philippine Airlines from Bali to Shanghai via Manila. They charged me 33USD/Kilo. He had 13kgs! Their surfboard policy only stands for some destination, make sure you don’t get screwed like he did.[/box]

Airline: Qantas

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Website: http://www.qantas.com.au Telephone

  • US 1(800)-227-4500

  • Australia +61 13 13 13

  • UK +44 208-600-4300.

  • France +33 01-5732-9283

Specifications & Fees

To carry a surfboard as baggage, fins must be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment or taped to the board. Qantas Check-in will attach a Fragile tag to the bag and you must complete and sign the limited release portion of the baggage tag. Australian and International routes:

  • Surfboard accepted enclosed in a board bag, should not exceed 70 lb (32kg) in weight and 9’0 ft (277cm) in length.

  • Any additional bags will each be assessed at the Airport Excess Baggage rates.

  • You can pre-purchase Additional Baggage Allowance at lower rates than Airport Excess Baggage rates.

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Notes: $150, if free baggage allowance is exceeded, and depending on destination.[/box]




Airline: Qatar Airways

– Up to $1750 WTF1

Website: http://www.qatarairways.com Telephone:

  • US 1(877)-777-2827 or 1(954)-745-0380

  • UK +44 (0)33-3320-2454

  • France +33 1-70-95-05-80.

Specifications & Fees

The board needs to be less than 9’8 ft (3 meters) and 50 lbs (23kg). If this is exceeded, a fee will be applied and boy it is a doozy.

On Qatar Airlines right now it is not free , and it will cost 1250$ for a board bag up to 300cm if you travel to Denpasar from Europe.



Airline: Royal Air Maroc

Surfboard Fee: 80 euros

Website: http://www.royalairmaroc.com Telephone: US 1(800)-344-67 26

Specifications & Fees

Surfboard allowed, 80 euros each way for a minimum weight of 66lbs (30 kgs), 6’6 ft (2 meters).

Notes: royal with chese.



Airline: Ryanair

Surfboard Fee: €50 to €60 (depending on advanced purchase or at airport)

Website: http://www.ryanair.com/en Telephone: UK +44 0-871-246-0000. France +33 0892-562-150. Rest of the world+44 871-246-0002.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards, among other sporting equipment, are inherently unsuitable for carriage by airlines operating fast turnarounds such as Ryanair. However, these items may be carried in the hold of the aircraft in addition to your personal checked baggage allowance up to a limit of 44 lbs (20 kg) per item upon payment of a discounted online fee of £50/€50 per item, per one way flight.

If the item is purchased at the airport or through a Ryanair call centre a higher fee of £60/€60 per item/per one way flight will apply). Any sporting and musical item weighing over the 44 lbs (20 kg) allowance will be charged for the excess at the applicable excess baggage rate per kilo.


Airline: S7 Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.s7.ru/en/ Telephone: Russia +7 (495) 777-9999.

Specifications & Fees

Notes: Please contact airline*



Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $150-$300*

Website: http://www.saudiairlines.com Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-472-8342, 1(571)-722-1800.

Specifications & Fees

Saudi Arabian Airlines accept Sporting equipment and musical instruments as checked baggage if it is properly packed or inserted in special bags and its weight shall be counted as a part of free checked baggage allowance, in case the weight is more than the free baggage allowance excess baggage charge shall be collected as Saudi policy. Most likely surfboards will fly as excess baggage. Please read dimensions and weight allowed.

Notes: The standard dimensions for all bags from/to USA and Canada should not exceed 5’10 ft or 70 lbs. The standard dimensions for all bags to other destinations, except USA and Canada, should not exceed 6’7 ft or 70 lbs



Airline: SAS International

Surfboard Fee: Domestic:€120/$175 ($160), Europe & Scandinavia: €180/$260 ($240), Between Europe and Asia/USA: €250/$325 (***$345)

Website: http://www.flysas.com Telephone:

  • U.S. Customer contact 1(800)-221-2350

  • International 1-201-896-3600

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards are only be accepted on certain aircraft types and specific dimensions apply per aircraft type. Please contact your travel agent for details. The board must be checked in no later than 2 hours before departure and you must notify SAS in advance. If the board exceeds the limits for the specific aircraft type, it must be sent as cargo.

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Notes: Surfboards/kiteboards The maximum length allowed is 6.5 ft[/box]



Airline: Shenzhen Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://global.shenzhenair.com/ Telephone: 400-88-95080 Email: wm@shenzhenair.com

Specifications & Fees

Notes: Please email airline for more info.



Airline: Singapore

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Website: www.singaporeair.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-742-3333

  • UK +44 020-8961-6993

  • France +33 0-821-230-380.

  • Singapore +65 6223-8888.

Email: us_feedback@singaporeair.com.sg

Specifications & Fees

As part of your two bag limit. After two boards it’s $109 each way going from US to Singapore (other destinations may vary).

Excess baggage charges will apply if your sporting equipment and your other check-in baggage exceed the free baggage allowance.

Notes: For travel to/from US/Brazil, most sporting equipment is treated as one piece of baggage. Canoes (per unit) are treated as two pieces of baggage.

[box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Our Wave Tribe bro Joao comments: I already traveled a few times with Singapore, and they are fully free and recommendable. About board sizes, never had any problem with Singapore.[/box]

Links: http://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/travel-information/baggage-outsize/

Airline: SkyWest Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $20

Website: http://www.skywest.com/ Telephone:

  • US or Canada 1(800)-335-2247

  • Other Locations +1 (281)-821-3256.

Specifications & Fees

Transportation of surf boards, bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snow boards, archery equipment, and fishing equipment is charged at a flat rate of $20 per item. No more than two surfboards may be included in any one pack. Each pack must not weigh more than 70lbs (32kg).

Please note: Carriage of surfboards is subject to space availability. – Confirmed on calling.


Airline: South African Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Free

Website: www.flysaa.com Telephone:

  • US 1(800)-722-9675

  • South Africa +27 86-135-9722

  • Rest of the world +27 11-978-5313.

  • UK +44 0844-375-9680

  • France +33 0825-800969.

Specifications & Fees

South African Airlines will allow a surfboard as an additional piece, not exceeding 50 lbs (23 kg) and 6’5 ft (200 cm), free of charge per passenger.

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Notes: A surfboard bigger than 6’5 ft (200 cm), to be accepted strictly as cargo.[/box]



Airline: Southwest

Surfboard Fee: $75

Website: www.southwest.com Telephone: US & rest of the world 1(800)-435-9792.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards will be accepted as Checked Baggage for a $75 each way charge.

Notes: Overweight items from 51 to 100 pounds and oversized items in excess of 5’1 ft but not more than 6’6 ft (e.g.; surfboards) will be accepted for an overweight and oversize baggage fee of $75 per item.


http://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/baggage/special-luggage-pol.html#baggage_special_luggage_pol_tab_list_tab_12 http://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/baggage/checked-bags-pol.html

Airline: Spanair

Surfboard Fee: $50

Website: http://www.spanair.com Telephone: U.S. 1(888)-545-5757. Spain +34 97-191-6036 and +34 90-213-1435.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboard allowed (if ticket purchased in the airport or the call center)

Notes: Please contact airline for more info.



Airline: Spirit Airlines

Surfboard Fee: $100

Website: www.spirit.com Telephone: US/Canada 1(801)-401-2200.

Specifications & Fees

Maximum two surfboards in one bag, $100 each way.

Notes: You can bring your surfboard as checked baggage on your next trip for an extra charge ($100 each way). Please make sure to remove or protect your surfboard keels and/or kedges to prevent damage to it and other checked baggage. To save you more, you can put up to 2 similar items in a case together for the same price. Don’t worry – overweight and oversize fees do not apply to surf equipment. To add surf equipment to your reservation, please contact one of our reservation centers or visit a Customer Service Agent at the airport.

*A limited liability release will need to be signed when traveling with surf equipment.

Links: http://www.spirit.com/OptionalFees.aspx#baggage-fees

Airline: SriLankan Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Website: www.srilankan.lk Telephone: US 1(732)- 205-0017. UK +44 0330-808-0800. France +33 9751-81999 Email: sales@srilankanusa.com

Specifications & Fees

You can bring one surfboard for free, allowed as checked baggage. Any excess weight (exceeding 50 lbs) will be assessed at the normal excess baggage rate. Please contact airline.

Airline: Swiss

Surfboard Fee: $70 to $150 (€50 to €100)

Website: http://www.swiss.com Telephone: US 1(877)-359-7947. UK +44 845-601-0956. France +33 (0)892-232-501.

Specifications & Fees

One surfboard (up to 6’5 ft) goes under category ‘normal baggage’:

For flights within EU: $70 (€50) For intercontinental flights: $150 (€100)

*Swiss does not accept sports equipment of more than 70lbs (32kgs).

Notes: For smooth execution please check-in your sports equipment no later than 1 hour before counter closing. In Switzerland and Germany you can also take advantage checking in the night before your flight.

*Swiss Air might charge more at airport. Please print page with fees to show airline staff, and make sure they don’t charge more than necessary.

Links: http://www.swiss.com/web/en/services/baggage/pages/sporting_equipment.aspx

Airline: TAM Linhas Aereas

Surfboard Fee: Free to $75

Website: http://www.tam.com.br Telephone: US 1(888)- 235-9826. UK +44 (0)20-8741-2005. France +33 (0)1535-3800. Rest of the world 786-972-3060.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboard with a maximum length of 8’9 ft (274 cm) and 50 lbs (32 kg); can be included in Passenger’s Luggage allowance. The number of boards shall not exceed 3 (notwithstanding the number of cases). When applied, an excess-luggage fee of US$75.00 will be charged, and the correct packing of these items will be the total responsibility of the passenger.


Links: http://www.tam.com.br/b2c/vgn/v/index.jspvgnextoid=8940e6c6c19da110VgnVCM1000005f05a8c0RCRD

Airline: TAP Portugal

Surfboard Fee: €35 to €100

Website: www.flytap.com Telephone: US 1(800)-221-7370. UK +44 (0) 845-601-0932. Portugal +351 707-205-700. France +33 0820-319-320.

0820 319 320

+44 (0) 845 601 0932

+44 (0) 845 601 0932

Specifications & Fees

Fee per one way trip: – Domestic flights, €35. – Europe, Morocco & Algeria flights, €50. – Intercontinental flights (to Sal, Praia, Sao Vicente, Dakar, Bamako, Accra, Bissau and Sao Tome) €75 – Other intercontinental flights, €100.

Notes: Maximum weight advised per set 70 lbs (32kg). Surfboards must always be carried in a suitable bag and packed appropriately. Passengers must always fill in the respective Transport Declaration form. In the absence of this document, inadequately packed equipment will not be accepted at check-in and may consequently be refused transportation. TAP Portugal does not accept liability for possible damage to inadequately packed boards during travel and recommends that an insurance policy be taken out.

Links: http://www.flytap.com/USA/enus/PlanBook/PrepareforTravel/Baggage/SportsEquipment

Airline: Thai

Surfboard Fee: $60 to $119

Website: www.thaiairways.com Telephone: US 1(800)-426-5204. UK 0844-561-0911. France +33 1-5568-8070.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards will not be included in the free baggage allowance. One board not exceeding 9’0 ft (277 cm) at 50% of excess baggage charge: $60 Any surfboards exceeding 9’0 ft (277 cm) will be charged the full excess baggage fee: $119 A second surfboard shall be charged at the full excess baggage rate: $119

Notes: Please Contact Thai directly for more specific information. *Thai might charge more at airport. Please print page with fees to show airline staff, and make sure they don’t charge more than necessary.

Links: http://www.thaiairways.com/planyourtrip/beforeyoufly/en/baggage_and_optional_fees.htm

Airline: Thomas Cook (UK)

Surfboard Fee: £40 short haul/short haul plus, £60 long haul

Website: http://www.thomascook.com/ Telephone: US 1(800)-432-1359. Denmark +45 3247 7200. UK +44 0871-895-0038.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards are charged at £40 short haul/short haul plus and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Airline: Thomsonfly

Surfboard Fee: “For Surfboards Short haul – £35 return. Mid haul – £45 return. Long haul – £60 return ”

Website: http://flights.thomson.co.uk/ Telephone: UK +44 0844-871-1603

Specifications & Fees

You can take sports equipment on your flight with us, providing you contact us two months before on 0871 231 4787 (calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras) and pre-book the carriage of these items. Space in our aircraft is limited, so if you do not pre-book carriage


Links: http://www.thomson.co.uk/editorial/legal/baggage-allowance.html#sportsequipment http://www.thomson.co.uk/editorial/faqs/flights/luggage.html

Airline: THY Turkish Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.turkishairlines.com Telephone: US 1(800)-875-8875. France +33 825-800-902.

Specifications & Fees

For sports equipment that are in excess of the 70lbs (32 kg) weight limit, a fee will be charged. Please contact airline.

Notes: Please contact airline for more info.

Links: http://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/travel-information/baggage/sports-equipment-baggage-charges-and-conditions

Airline: Transaero

Surfboard Fee: Free*

Website: http://www.transaero.ru/en Telephone: US 1(877)-747-1191. Russia +7 (495) 788 8080

Specifications & Fees

*70 pounds of weight allowed but if exceeded $50 is charged. Surfing equipment weighing up to 44 lbs, with dimensions of 6.2 ft x 2.4 ft x 2.1, for one passenger in addition to the free baggage allowance:

  • Surfboard

  • Fixations

  • Wet suit

  • Pair of boots

  • Other accessories.


Links: http://transaero.ru/en/info-and-services/baggage/Sportsoutfit

Airline: Transavia Airlines

Surfboard Fee: 40 euros per flight.

Website: http://www.transavia.com Telephone: UK +44 0906-6800065. France +33 0892-058888. Rest of the world +35 2-270-027-28.

Specifications & Fees

Confirm before 72 hours.

Notes: *Our buddy Bill shared this info with us: It’s €40 per board per single journey. The most annoying part I recon is the sentence: “if the surfboard/waveboard, etc. is packed in a bag, you are now allowed to add clothes and/or any other items to this.” The word “now” was confusing for me because at the hang glider it says: ” if your hang-glider is packed in a bag, you may not add clothes and/or any other items to this.” So I called them and they told me that its a mistake on the website, it must be “not” instead of “now”. Imagine standing there with your boardbag stuffed…

Meaning that you need to pay €80 just to bring your board, but what if you are a windsurfer (add boom+mast is a seperate €40 each way) or kitesurfer? You need to bring it separate and the prices for check in luggage is excluded from the ticket price: KG price 15 kg € 15 20 kg € 20 25 kg € 25 30 kg € 35 40 kg € 45 50 kg € 75

Airline: TUIfly

Surfboard Fee: $40*

Website: http://www.tuifly.com/en/ Telephone: Germany +49 0180-6000-120.

Specifications & Fees

Surfboards up to a maximum weight of 66 lbs (30 kilo), can be carried for an administration fee (per item, per flight segment) of USD $40 / €25 / £20, on international flights.

Notes: *Our Wave Tribe bro Stift comments: One Kitepack, also above 140 cm (55″) will be charged with 65 Euro. I can´t post a source, because you need to have a flightnumber to get the price. From 01/05/2014 you get only one piece of luggage with 15 kg (33 lbs) for free.

Links: http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/TUIfly/baggage.php

Airline: United

Surfboard Fee: $100 to $200.

Website: www.united.com Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-864-8331. UK +44 0845-607-6760. France +33 01-71-23-03-3.

Specifications & Fees

United Airlines will accept one surfboard or one surfboard bag containing up to four boards per customer as checked baggage, weighing 50 pounds or less for a service charge fee of $100 (each way) for travel between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and $200 (each way) for all other travel. This service charge is in addition to any excess and overweight baggage charges that may apply.

Notes: Boards and board bags combined weighing more than 99.9 pounds (45.3 kg) will not be accepted as checked baggage. The fin must be removed or well-padded. The entire board must be encased in a suitable container to avoid scratching. United is not liable for damages. Excess valuation cannot be purchased for a surfboard.

Links: http://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/sports.aspx

Airline: USAir

Surfboard Fee: $200

Website: www.usairways.com Telephone: US & rest of the world 1(800)-428-4322. Travel agent help desk 1(800)-231-3131.

Specifications & Fees

“Surfboards will be accepted as checked baggage for a charge of $200 per direction. One item of surfing equipment consists of 1 surfboard. When packaging a surfboard, keels and/or kedges must be removed or crated in such a manner so as to prevent damage to other baggage. Surfboards will be accepted on US Airways Express flights. However, their acceptance may be restricted by length on some aircraft. A US Airways Reservation agent can provide additional information.”


Links: http://reservations.usairways.com/en-US/traveltools/baggage/specialitems.html http://www.luggageforward.com/index.jsp?cft=usa007017009&mkt=usa007017009&mki=usa007017009&src=spx0002&cbd=spx

Airline: Varig Airlines or ‘Old’ Varig (‘New Varig’: GOL airlines)

Surfboard Fee: $42.50/$85

Website: www.varigbrasil.com Telephone: 1(800)-468 2744

Specifications & Fees

Under 109″, $42.50 per board each way, Over 109″, $85 per board each way.


Links: http://www.surfline.com/travel/story_assets/2005_11_03_boardbag/bamp.cfm

Airline: Virgin Atlantic

Surfboard Fee: Free

Website: www.virgin-atlantic.com Telephone: US & Canada 1(800)-862-8621. UK headquarters +44 0844-209-7777.

Specifications & Fees

Free, limit one per customer. Must not exceed 9’0 ft (277 cm) and must not exceed 50 lbs (23 kg) in weight.


Links: http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/us/en/travel-information/baggage/sports-equipment.html

Airline: Virgin Blue

Surfboard Fee: $40 – $60. *Free as part of checked baggage. Check dimensions and weight allowance below.

Website: http://www.virginaustralia.com/ Telephone: US 1(855)- 253-8021. UK +44 0800-051-1281. Rest of the world +61 7-3295-2296.

Specifications & Fees

Sporting equipment can be accepted as checked baggage. The maximum dimensions for sporting equipment are as follows. Weight: 70 lbs Height: 38 inches Length: 9 ft Width: 32 inches

Each piece of sporting equipment will count towards your piece allowance, with each item classified as one piece.

Notes: *Our Wave Tribe bro Tom comments: I know Virgin America charges $75 and so does SouthWest.

*Update 11/2015- Wave Tribe FB bro John says: “Virgin Australia is free”

Airline: WestJet

Surfboard Fee: $20 to $50

Website: http://www.westjet.com/ Telephone: 1(888)-937-8538.

Specifications & Fees

Lightweight surfboards packaged in a single bag that weighs less than 70 lbs will be accepted as a single surfboard for charging purposes. Surfboards and windsurfers will be accepted in checked baggage when under 9.8 feet (3 metres) long. All boards must have the fin removed, be padded, and packed properly to prevent damage to the board, sail and other baggage.

Notes: $20 dollars is it counts as second item. $50 dollars, as third item.

Links: http://www.westjet.com/guest/en/travel/basics/baggage/sport-equipment.shtml

Airline: Xiamen Airlines

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.chinahighlights.com Telephone: China +86 592-2226666 Email: ethel@chinahighlights.com

Specifications & Fees

Notes: Please email airline for more information.

Airline: XL Airways UK

Surfboard Fee: Undetermined.

Website: http://www.xl.com Telephone: U.S. 1(877)-496-9889. France +33 (0)9 69 32 09 12. Rest of the world +33 3 22 19 25 04.

Email: info@xl.com

Specifications & Fees

Notes: surfboards, need pre-approval from Prepa Voyage department mandatory (prepavoyage@xlairways.fr)

Source : https://wavetribecompany.com/2014-airline-surfboard-boardbag-fee-guide-for-surfers/

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