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The purest air in the world - one of the reasons why you will find the best quality of life here.
To understand how the climate of the planet was before the Industrial Revolution, specialists from the Universities of São Paulo and Harvard went in search of the purest air possible, and they found it in the Amazon. This air combined with the filtered air through water and clouds, plus the North East wind from the Atlantic Ocean, means that the coast of Ceara benefits from the purest air in the world.
Parajuru is located in the West, beyond the pollution of large neighboring cities, and enjoys clear seas and pure air.
If you have asthma, rhinitis or other respiratory disorders, come and breathe freely in Parajuru. We were able to see firsthand the positive effects on breathing and also on the skin, with the atmosphere being beneficial for conditions like eczema, psosiaris, zona etc.
This is one of the most enchanting and special areas of Brazil, perfect for relaxation and healing.

So much of our lives are spent scurrying here and there.
Our bodies are in perpetual motion, and our minds tend to follow the same pattern; always thinking about something we need to do or mulling over some problem.


Our minds are forever dwelling in the past or racing into the future. It is a rare occurrence for the body and mind to relax and be totally in the present. Attending to the present moment is being in a state of mindfulness. When we are mindful of the present moment we are able to feel refreshed and have mental clarity.


Mindfully attending to our lives is a practice we can develop through common daily acts such as walking, eating and breathing.


Massage therapy and bodywork in general are excellent ways to encourage mindfulness. Therapeutic touch facilitates being present, being in the here and now. 


One of our main purposes here is to help create a space where you attend to the present moment.


Therapeutic touch grounds us in the present, physically and emotionally, and frees up energy that is often bound or scattered as a result of our perpetual busy-ness. This liberated energy creates a general sense of well-being.


Our hope is that as we facilitate relaxation, you will find the refreshed and reenergized state that follows in other areas of your life, and you will be living more fully, mindful of all the amazing experiences each moment manifests.


If you need to lose some weight in a localised place on your body or you need to fight the signs of aging, we have the solution for you: the Ultrasound therapy. Without surgery and without pain, in one or two sessions you will see immediate results for the face. Try this affordable treatment here at Castelo Vendom.


We offer Shiatsu and Californian massages with coconut oil on our cabana terrace. A special place for relaxing with a great professional with magic hands.


Come and try meditation with our help and some easy, introductory audio tracks to guide you. The tranquil environment here is the perfect place to practice.


We offer training and coaching into the garden or on the terrace.

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